Trials are a Gift for Spiritual Growth and Eternal Rewards

thats a cliche thing for a Christian to say, but it’s what the second most connected person to Jesus says – Peter.

John, who wrote the Gospel of John, Revelation, and 1,2,3rd John, was known as the “one whom Jesus loved,” seemingly the best friend of Jesus. Peter was also close and uniquely connected to Jesus. Peter’s faithful proclamation that “Jesus is the messiah, the son of the living God” was identified by Jesus as the foundation of the a future movement or “gathering,” which we call the “church.”

Peter writes in a letter to believers, that our trials serve as a refiner for our faith, like how fire purified the slag out of gold.

Peter also says that when we remain faithful throughout the trials we face, we will be rewarded on the day that’s Jesus judges the entire world.

Thats not something we should boast about, but it should also serve as an encouragement for us as we press on through difficulties.

Remember that faith is the confidence the confidence that what Jesus and the word of God said is truth, is actually truth.  Whoever would please God with faith must believe that He exists, and that He rewards those who seek Him.

Claim this lromise for your life, remain faithful through trials and tribulations, and God will reward you (if you’ve placed your full faith in Christ.)

When we’re faithful – pursue faith and Jesus’ way in the turmoil, He will reward us.

Read psalms during hard times, pray constantly, sourround yourself with God-fearing people, and live ina God-honoring way, and God will cause it all to work together for the good.


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