Sony A7III Footage with Sony 16-35 F4 Wide Angle Lens

I’m not a good and patient film maker.

I’m probably as much as a gear-head as I am a creator.

I need to maximize the full utility out of every gadget I have.

But this Sony A7III Full fram camera is sweet, and the other night I hopped outside and just took some handheld shots with the 16-35mm f4 Zeiss Lens.

Hand holding this lens is harder than most of the others, especially when it’s wider.  I don’t think it has strong image stabilization in the lens (or at all).

But this was after a bunch of rain, and we had just a couple of minutes before it got really dark.  I suppose if I would have sprung for the f2.8 16-35, I wouldn’t really mind the low lite.

But this video is just a hasty video I threw together with free audio from Youtube.


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