We Will All Die Soon…..

For some reason, that really hit me again last night.

Approaching 40, I’m starting to wrap my mind around how much of a blessing it would be to live to see grandchildren grow old.

Why is it so easy to forget to live  in light of the fact that we are going to die?

Why do I allow myself to get drug into apathy and wasteful activity and thought?

My prayer today is that I will live today as though I will die tomorrow. 

Last night Heather and I watched a Youtube channel where a Doctor explains every intimate detail of medical cases that he works on.  He was a high level doctor, and the cases were about severe cancers, disorders and diseases.

Watch this amazing video of a case of cancer.

It reminds me how many things are working together for us to be here. Our bodies are finely tuned marvels, the universe is a finely tuned miracle, and the forces that allow life to function are remarkable.  You know what also blows my mind, is reproduction….. the fact that our bodies can make these little animals (sperm) that would then implant in an egg, to cause a new life – the marvel of this system is worthy of reflection.

We are on a rock, spinning around in the cosmos, made up of atoms that are held together in a digital fashion, and it’s all quite the miracle in the grand scheme of things.

Learn about the miracle of our finely tuned universe

When the doctor was describing how the liver, kidneys, brain, and lungs all function, and how cancers in the lungs and skin can shift quickly to the brain as cancerous cells are brought through the bloodstream, I was reminded how absolutely finely tuned and unlikely our existence is.

Think of how unlikely it is that you’re standing here, that you’re using some sort of electronic device that literally flips transistor the size of atoms, on and off to make ones and zeros, to display this.

Reality is unlikely, and our existence may be brief and our memory may fade even faster.

All these complex systems run according to a set of instructions, physics, mathematics, biology, and our sciences study these precise and orderly systems. The fact that they are orderly, measurable, and observable, causes one to understand that it is designed.

Reality was created, and the creator has given us a reason to Hope, something to Hope in, and He is glad when we take hope in it.

Observe the cosmos & life, so that you will understand that it is orderly, it is created, and there is a creator. And then read the words that the Creator has given us to make himself known – the Bible.

These words tell us that when our physical bodies die, we will stand before him in judgement.  For those of us who have placed our faith and hope in Jesus Christ will be justified by our faith.  Those of us who have not acknowledge Jesus and placed faith in Him for salvation will be eternally separated from God.

We should fear God – as I’ve explained here.

Fear God and Take Hope in His steadfast love.


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