Fools have no interest in understanding, they only want to air their own opinions.

that proverb was written by Solomon, in response to God providing unprecedented insight and knowledge to him.

Drinking doesn’t make you go to hell, and only placing our faith and trust in Jesus, as our only means of salvation, can save us.

I’ve been an arrogant and self-seeking stubborn man many times in my life. 

When I look back at when I stubbornly refused to quit drinking, I never could have known the goodness in Christ and momentum that God wanted to build in my life.

Alcohol kills momentum in your life – no matter what.

Read books, workout, clean the house, encourage your kids and spouse, these are not typically the traits of a drinking person.

But back to this meme – if anyone in your life is telling you that you should stop drinking, I assure you that it’s time to quit.

Why? Because there’s a better version of you just waiting to be unleashed, and this person sees it and believes it’s possible.

Sobriety does great things for everyone that seeks it, even if people don’t have a “drinking problem,” I firmly believe sobriety can be helpful to all people, and it’s all about building momentum.

If your a young person, flee from sexual sin and drinking, your future self will thank you



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