I know that most people don’t want to talk about it, but alcohol produces few good results. In fact, almost every impact alcohol has had on the people around me, has been negative or distractive.

In high school, I started to enjoy drinking and partying with friends, and it’s weird how it distorts reality and creates a selfish attitude.

That’s one of the biggest problems with alcohol, is that it becomes an idol.  Why does it become an idol? Because you will be displeased until you get the opportunity to catch your buzz.

If you find yourself getting irritable with your wife, kids, or friends because they get in the way of you enjoying alcohol, you should probably start considering sobriety.

It’s weird the clarity and helpfulness sobriety provides, it turns off the “white noise” in life, and helps you start to get to work improving your life.

The biggest benefit I found in sobriety, was being able to build momentum in life around things that really matter. It is much easier to read books, meditate on scripture, write stories, play with your kids, and educate yourself when you’re not preoccupied with drinking wine or catching a buzz.

i wanted to share a piece of hope I’ve experienced, and I’d love to encourage you to free yourself from the chains of addiction.

oh yeah – that’s what it’s really called, addiction….


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