Proof that God Exists

Over the last year, I’ve really been attacking my faith.

I hate coddled ideas – I like gut-checked, rigorously attacked hypothesis.

I’m also a man of faith; and it’s the faith as described by Paul (probably) in Hebrews.

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

I attack ideas, I let others attack them as well.

I’m Absolutely Confident in the God of the Bible

The other day we had a bit of a scare with my 5 year old daughter Hope.  She fell and broke her arm in a pretty nasty way – the drive to the hospital with so many unknowns provides perspective on your mortality.

A family friend of ours, who is in his early 50’s, has now wrestled with a terminal cancer and we’ve now learned he’s losing the battle quickly.

These, and dozens of other times, I’ve really asked myself “do I REALLY believe that there is a God, and that I’ve found the right one?”

Do I have a faith in the God of the Bible just because it’s comforting, or because I actually believe in my bones that it’s precisely true?

I’m not going to sit and list out the greatest arguments for God.  Every piece of evidence and hypothesis is examined by a person with an existing world-view and set of pre-existing biases.

And this whole preposterous idea that Science has proven there is no God is just ridiculous.

There are other places that will source the material stronger, and argue the nuances more fully than Rob’s personal blog.

Here’s Why I Believe in the God of the Bible:

Many will roll their eyes, but this argument is quite strong when you dwell on it.

When you see a painting, you know that there was a painter.

When you see a building, you know there was a builder.

When you hear music, you know there was a musician/singer.

If you found a book or complex story, you know there was an author.

This comes down to the Genesis of things.

There is one thing in all matter, and even more abundant in life, that points to an “author” of it all….


The Genesis of Cellular Information

Think a little more about the book example.

Nobody in their right mind would look at a Harry Potter novel they’ve found on the ground, and conclude that unguided, natural processes have brought this story together.

In a story, you’ve got characters, settings, protagonists and antagonists, love interests and villians.  A story is quite complex, and only skilled authors are able to weave together a captivating story that truly “works.”

We now know, that inside of all life, is a book infinitely more complex and precise than a novel.

Inside every cell of DNA, is incredibly sophisticated data – and extremely large amounts of it.

In fact, scientists are looking to DNA as a solution to store data, and the field of science has crammed 700 terabytes of data, into 1 gram of DNA.

The most complex schematics for a supercomputer microprocessor inside of a drone is NOTHING compared to the glaring sophistication of our body systems.

Our bodies are filled with the information in the forms of instructions, schematics and operating instructions for the most sophisticated thing ever fabricated EVER – a Human being.

Natural processes DO NOT organize information, it disassembles it and creates disorder and choas.

All systems deteriorate.

Scientists often scoff when Intelligent Design or Christians highlight the complexity of a system like the eye or brain, saying that it’s the ‘God of the gaps” type of faith.

THey claim that inserting God where we simply havent yet understood is silly.

They say that us pointing to God in light of the comlexity of a system is like the catholic church claiming the earth is the center of the universe and not the sun.

They rightfully point out that using areas of ignorance and seamingly “amazing” things to prove there is a God is a very weak argument

But this is not the same argument at all.

I’m saying that I believe in a MIND that has created and organized all the infinitely spectacular data in our universe, not because it’s complex – but because a Mind is the ONLY thing EVER scientifically shown to produce any organized information ever.

To believe that anything other than a mind created the information we now see is at worst very unscientific, and at best just unlikely.

And yet, we’re supposed to believe that naturalist atheists are the scientific voice in the arguement of origins?

Rather than try to scientifically tackle the problem of the genesis of information, atheists simply sprinkle more magic fairy dust (which is what I call unfathomable time scales).

Since they cannot scientifically proclaim that information would have come from anything besides a mind, they simply push back the beginning of time further, and then throw in some multi-verse type theories so that the cosmos is given infinite tries to produce the result we see CLEAR AS DAY.

You think I’m being silly here? Go learn what the cosmologists are coming up with because the EVIDENCE requires a mind to have created it.  Watch “The God Particle” and realize the conclusions they’re making because they will not attribute the system to a mind.

I believe in the God the Bible because there is incredibly sophisticated, GOD-SIZED information inside of all life, and all of science, and the word of God, and it tells us that information needs a MIND to organize it.

Organized Information MUST have come from a mind.

Unguided processes don’t write books, let alone books upon books inside a cell.

The conclusion is one of two things:

  1. God is exactly who He claimed to Be.
  2. or The Universe is god

Ultimately one of two options become clear.

This SCIENTIFIC fact remains: A MIND is the only thing ever shown to create and orgnize information.

I Believe in God Because Information Requires a Mind to Create

Therefore, the God of the Bible is the most rational conclusion I can come to.

Best Argument for God

How Much Data is there DNA?

700 Terabytes per gram learn here

One of the main reasons why I maintain a belief in the God of the Bible, is because one side is darn-near silly in their blind faith.

All things have a beginning. Except for the singularity.

Is it rational to accept that the singularity is unguided and from particles have come people?

Or is it more rational to believe that creation was authored by a creator?  THat the organized and functioning systems guided by precisely organized information, was put together by the mind of God?

Is it rational to believe that every molecule in the cosmos was wound up with energy and then digitally held together through chance and unguided processes? or is it more rational to believe the order we see was organized in an orderly fashion by an orderly Mind?

Here’s an argument against what I’ve said.

What is rational?

We’ve found the equivalent of a super-Harry Potter Novel that builds, runs, and governs things more complex than a fleet of modern figher jets…. and we’re supposed to believe that thise highly FUNCTIONAL and ORGANIZED information (that works in a perfect way) is possible with unguided processes?

The more I watch the arguments made by atheists, the more convinced I am that they are delusional, and have decided that anything but God can be an answer.


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