My Thesis:

I’ve seen dozens of people on my social media feed, that are primarily liberal, argue that Jesus would be for universal health care.

I find this very uncompelling.  I’ve discovered that the God of the bible instructed believers to help others, to be generous, but to do it from the giving that they give “not under compulsion” and the giving that they’ve “planned ahead of time.”

I alos don’t see the GOd of the bible instructing us to take other people’s money to commit our charitable deeds.

Socialized systems are all about creating a strong central controlling government which will use force to coerce others into submission.  It is opposite of free-will, and it denies the magnificent spontaneous order, we witness every minute of our lives.  Socialism believes that powerful people can be smarter than the markets – which has proven to be a failure every time it’s implemented.

Jesus would not have been for socialized medicine.

Instead, he would have been for entrepreneurial charity and generosity.  People using their God given gifts of ingenuity and hard work, to charitably solve the problems of society – as well as through the church.

Nothing has done more to lift the standard of living, the life expectancy of people, the economic footings of countries, and the overall liberty and freedom of people, than the free market system. Capitalism has freed more slaves, saved more lives, and caused more prosperity for a broader base of people, than every alternative form of government or economics combined. The free market, combined with liberty, are the most peaceful, helpful, and virtuous systems ever – EVER.

What prompted this post? Obamacare:
Recently, I’ve posted a story about how even the democrats are fed up with the way the Affordable Care Act has impacted the health care and health insurance markets.

The article criticized the outcomes of “Obamacare”, and an old friend of mine posted this:

Friend’s Facebook Post:

“Sadly, everyone has opinions after the fact but zero solutions… Especially the party that says they are about morals and the bible. But yet are against Health care for everyone. Ignoring the fact that the bible preached all throughout it, help the sick and poor.”

There was a little back and forth with another friend about the merits and responsibilities of Christians for the poor, health care, capitalism, and I decided I wanted to reframe the discussion and I posted:

Rob Posted:

Yeah rather than asking whether or not healthcare should be provided for everyone by government, it’s best to identify what system would provide the highest quality care at the lowest cost to the person.

Anything outside of a market function does not have the proper incentives to drive quality and price efficiency. Unfortunately, it bureaucracy has no incentive to acquire a five star review from their customers. Not only are they not given an incentive for natural excellence in their work, but there is no incentive to produce a net profit.

Milton Friedman talked about gammon’s law which states that a bureaucracy actually declines in its net output in proportion to its investments. In other words, a bureaucracy will always fill the time they are allotted and only work as long as they are forced.

This does not mean the public sector employees are immoral or unable to produce good work, it means that bureaucracies lack the economic function and incentive to drive a net profit for their inputted work.

The bottom line is, a government bureaucracy does not efficiently administer care to any group of people and it will never efficiently get work done in comparison to a free-market private sector system.

My friend replied again with:

See all that is good and all. But it is all political. That is the problem. You can’t have the bible in one hand and and the capitalism hand book in the other. I know it’s reality, but that is why we ate losing our way as a people. We value money more than people and Jesus’s way.

He Claimed: “You can’t have the bible in one hand and and the capitalism hand book in the other”

Quick Video to understand where things are REALLY at with Obamacare:

It’s my old friend’s comment that spurred me to think that I needed to provide a deeper, more permanent solution for this. My intent is to provide the education required to start to understand where we are, from PHD’s and foundational voices, about our free-market system.

This video will summarize the entire argument I will make below. The alternative to capitalism is horrific compared to capitalism.

Is that true? Is it antithetical to hold the Bible in one hand, and capitalism in the other? Are they somehow opposed to each other and unable to be reconciled? This begs a whole bunch of questions that I’m not going to unbox here, but I think I could list some out quick that should make the reader think a little bit.

Questions Pertaining to the role of caring for the poor:

  • Is the charity of the bible supposed to be accomplished at the individual level, through para-church ministries, or through the Church itself? Or is it the job of a centrally driven bureaucracy to administer charity?
  • What types of consequences does charity have at the individual, para-church, church, and government level have? What level of charity is most nimble to respond efficiently to the needs of local communities?
  • Can the needs of people be “universally” known? Does a one-size-fit-all solution administered by a central bureaucracy drive efficient, low-cost solutions?
  • What incentives does personal charity have when giving? What incentives does a para-church or Church have? What incentives does a government have when administering charity?
  • What basic economic incentives produce the most charitable outcome for a nation?

Some of My Thoughts:

1 – Jesus Followers: First off, I’d like to say that disciples of Jesus are called to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God; we are commanded to support the poor, the parent-less, and widows. The bottom line is that disciples of Jesus should be grappling with how they are obeying God in these areas.

2 – Most Dems & Repubs are innocent bystanders. I’d also like to say that I feel like I’m generous with the assumptions I make of normal democrats and republicans. I believe that every-day citizens that consider themselves democrats and republicans, tend to want the same things, but argue about how to obtain those outcomes.

Republicans and democrats both want to help people, create economic opportunity, bring racial equality, and find ways to ensure that people aren’t left in the streets.

3- Capitalism is the most virtuous economic model. I’d like to say that any alternatives to capitalism are actually well-meaning, but horrific solutions that have failed every time.

While regular democrats and republicans want the same things – I believe that the political divide in our country is actually nuanced a bit. It is no longer republican vs. democrat, but authoritarian central bureaucracy vs. personal liberty.

This is evident when you ask “what’s the difference between a socialist and a democrat”, to which Hillary and others were hard-bent to answer

Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

Socialism: a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies

Socialists are people who want the government to take over the means of production. This means that they believe that government bureaucracy can replace the free-market system and do a better job. They think that wages, prices, and solutions should be master-minded and can be controlled and then handled by the powerful elites. At the core of a socialist’s ideology are four things:

Modern Democrats are socialists- Marxist communists.

Four Cores of Socialist Beliefs:

  • The belief that central power-bureaucracy can work,
  • that there are “have’s” and “Have-nots”, and
  • that the “haves” are cheaters and
  • the government can fix that by taking over.

The results of socialism are all the same: They cannot deliver goods and services in an efficient manner, which on one end of the spectrum leads to massive deficit spending, and on the other end of the spectrum leads to famine and total failure.

This is a LONG documentary about how the soviets failed at planning around crops, food, shipping, etc. Don’t watch this now, watch it tomorrow night 🙂  


2 – I believe that my friend, along with most of the public, are totally unaware of the economic functions of a free market. They do not understand how the principles of scarcity, and supply & demand have delivered “just the right amount of goods, at just the right quality, at just the right price; according to the scarcity of said product”. I’m hesitant to blame the people themselves, because I remember when my educators attempted to teach me economics and I recall my reactions.  Not only was it bland and seemingly deliberately over my head, but I was taught the silly demand-side Keynesian nonsense about how a window breaking is good for the economy.

3 – Because they are ignorant of the basic economic principles, many people believe that government can takeover industries that are “human rights” such as healthcare.

4 – These people have not been shown the horrific track record of central planner’s attempts to deliver the right amount of goods, at the right amount of quality, at the right price, to the consumer when they need it.  Watching the documentary above called “The Great Famine” by pbs, will show how central bureacrats screwed everything up and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.

5 – These people also believe that profit motives are evil, and that profit motives do not value people. They believe that an altruistic goal can be achieved through the collective efforts of a bureaucracy just as efficiently as the private sector.

6 – These people have not been taught that nothing has done more to increase the quality and standard for living, has saved more lives, and provided more stability in all antiquity, as the free-market enterprise system .



It is possible to carry a bible in one hand and capitalism in the other.  In fact, it’s probably the best way to lead a country.


Here is an old video of a Soviet Union grocery store.  Their central planning was so off, that it gave absolutely dismal results.

Here is a video featuring the current debacle that Socilist Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela is facing.


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