First off, I want to warn my readers that I’m going to be political for a moment.  If you don’t like politics, that’s ok.  This blog is meant to be a legacy to my children and family, and it’s an outlet for my active mind.

I love democrats, republicans, conservatives, and libertarians.  I love people.  I love all people, no matter what!  But I also believe that we live in a fallen world and that Jesus is the hope of the world.

I think politics are important, although far behind following Jesus, being a great family member, and doing meaningful work.  Politics are really important, which is why I want to be engaged and why I hold an opinion.  I have strong held opinions, but they do not get in the way of my love and respect for PEOPLE.  Disagreeing with me politically is perfectly fine, and I think we need to be able to argue hard in our pursuit for governance wisdom.

I believe that businesses and governments are like ships.  They accomplish a job, and fulfill a purpose.  They are primarily an agnostic machine, not being “saintly or evil”, but fulfilling a job.  I believe that the crew members of the ships, and their leaders, matter dearly.  The ability to produce results as a ship crew, and the spiritual destiny of the crew, are two different things; just like our salvation and our jobs differ.  I just want the reader to know that I’m going to say some opinionated stuff, but people are the primarily valuable thing in life.

I also want to say that I love homosexuals.  I’m going to say some stuff that sounds “anti-homosexual”, but I assure you that my aim is to separate my religious convictions from my pursuit of liberty.  I believe that homosexuals should be afforded every single liberty that any other American is.

Republicans are fleeing principle for the pursuit of winning.

Republican Hypocrisy about Marriage Licenses

Before 2012, marriage licenses were issued almost exclusively to couples consisting of one man and one woman. Homosexuals had nearly no opportunities country-wide to obtain a marriage license.

But alas, the republicans decided they needed to come to the rescue and define marriage as being between “one woman and one man”, so that homosexuals wouldn’t be able to obtain a marriage license.

That’s how I frame it up, but that’s not nearly what the narrative was from either the left or the right during that hotly contested election cycle. Critics and advocates about the various legislation trying to define marriage would wear shirts and bumper stickers that said things like “Vote NO!” or “Vote YES!”, and the topic made headlines in the media like no other topics had in some time.

Both republicans and democrats politicized this issue aggressively.  Democrats supported allowing homosexuals to get married while republicans were for defining marriage as only existing between a man and a woman. Here in Minnesota, the republicans pro-actively tried to define marriage to include only one man and one woman, in an effort to protect the most important institution in the nation.

The result of the republican push was evident; the optics of the legislation was horrific for them and people spoke with one voice and voted down the republican legislation.  Two years later, the democrats countered the republican’s law with their own legislation to legalize gay marriage and it passed overwhelmingly.

I think that republicans were working within a context and framework that was totally flawed.  They acted in a bigoted manner, which caused the good and caring people of our nation to turn out and vote democratic in that midterm and presidential race.  I think it was a stupid move because trying to protect marriage by managing who received a license from the state, isn’t even slightly the liberty approach.

Homosexuals can now get married; or at least they can obtain a marriage license once they pay the extortion fee.

I believe that this issue is one of many indicators that the republican party has become unprincipled, faded from their pursuit of liberty, and opted for a means-justified pursuit of winning.

I think the republican push to combat gay-marriage was foolish. yet I’m a person who believes that all sex outside of a monogamous male/female marriage is sin.  I also believe that pride is a sin, anger, rage, malice slander, sex outside of marriage, and a whole onslaught of other things.  I don’t think certain sins should disqualify people from obtaining a marriage license – I’m being very precise here if you’ll notice.

We shouldn’t ban homosexuals from getting marriage licenses, rather, I think we need to eradicate the marriage license.

Eradicating marriage licenses would not harm the true institution of marriage one bit.

Think about it, why in the world do we think we should need permission from the state to get married?

As a conservative, Christian, libertarian, you might imagine I’d be upset about the way marriage was “compromised” to include homosexuals.  Rather than conclude that, I tend to think “what two people want to do is none of my business!”  If people want to be in a homosexual relationship with each other, I need to afford them that liberty.  That doesn’t mean I’m condoning homosexuality or gay marriage, I’m simply saying that they deserve the same liberty that I do according to the law.  My hope is that all people will honor God and decide they want to be a disciple of Jesus through free-choice, and that is completely available to ALL people who believe Jesus was who He claimed to be, place their faith in Him for salvation, and turn from their sin.  But my other hope is that our government would afford us equal liberty.

I conclude that the republican proposed legislation was foolish, unprincipled, and a symptom of the all-too-common foolery of the modern republicanism we see. Republicans have migrated their principles from sound, liberty-focused foundations, to a means-justified pursuit of winning. In other words, rather than asking “what’s the wise, principled thing to do”, the republicans have been asking “what do we need to do to win”. I think i understand why, but I’m convinced it’s why they will never win again.

In this specific gay-marriage legislation, republicans attempted to use government power and bureaucracy to ensure that marriage could be denied to certain citizens.

republicans attempted to use government power and bureaucracy to ensure that marriage could be denied to certain citizens.

I believe that God’s design for marriage was for it to be between one man and one woman, where they honor God in all that they do. Marriage is a religious institution that has been adopted into our society and encouraged with the financial incentive of tax breaks and some legal benefits. We should make marriage a religious institution again, tearing it out of our legal system because it’s not government’s job to determine who can be married.

Republicans were fine with government’s bureaucratic entrenchment inside the marriage process, which is antithetical to liberty and classical liberalism (which is actually modern day conservatives). They accepted the government’s power to “approve or decline” marriages, and they found it perfectly acceptable to demand an extortion fee to approve an agreement that ought to be religious in nature.

What business does government have in monitoring marriages, no matter how beneficial the institution is to our country?

You see, marriage shouldn’t even be recognized by states at all, because it is a religious institution. You might ask “But how would inheritance be passed to people and what would determine custody of children?” Well, parents are afforded rights despite marriage vows, and inheritance happens despite marriages.

While society ought to encourage monogamous marriage between a man and a woman because it’s beneficial for society, it ought to allow the social and religious institutions to make those pleas rather than the government.

Think about it, why in the world have we empowered government to extort us for a marriage license and fee?

Why do we think they ought to be the one’s determining if marriage is legitimate? What in the world is the argument for that? It’s certainly not a liberty-minded thought process.

When you boil it down, government’s tinkering with marriage is a relic from our past when we were more generous and authentic about the utility of christian institutions in our nation. There was an era where we didn’t expel the association with Christianity, and we were much more candid about the benefits a society experiences when truly Christ-like attitudes, morals, and behaviors mark the lives of it’s citizens.

The era of Christianity has not passed, but we’ve entered an era where the powers of our government are so seductive and corrupting that government must never be given the power or precedent of religious establishment. The government must be an agnostic machine, but it’s “crew members” should be afforded the religious liberty to freely express or be guided by their own personal religious convictions. In other words, Christians ought to be elected and allowed to live out their faith very openly, but they cannot ever allow the government to try compel or discriminate according to religion.

We must have separation of religion and government (Church & State), but we can never omit the free expression of the faith of it’s stewards.

But there’s a reason why government decided to encourage marriage, because it’s really helpful.

The most beneficial ideal for the citizens of a nation to pursue is the ideal of a God-honoring family. Nothing causes more stability, growth, peace, or prosperity, than when a man and a woman come together to have a family that tries to honor Jesus in every aspect.  God honoring marriages are ones that are full of respect, humility, meekness, forgiveness, service, sex, adoration, purposeful work, and filled with the fruit of the spirit.

Think about it though, a nation is not improved by issuing marriage licenses (except financially).  What does benefit a nation is God honoring families having lots of children in a God-honoring manner. The State’s marriage license has no bearing, impact, or utility to the beneficial institution of marriage and it’s marriage license has no benefit to the nation itself.

The State’s marriage license has no bearing, impact, or utility to the beneficial institution of marriage

The question should be asked then, what business does government have licensing and recognizing marriages? Why do we need permission from a government authority in order to be married?

what business does government have licensing and recognizing marriages?

Some readers might be saying that we need marriage licenses to ensure there are no underage weddings or incest. But, the law is already more than able to take care of these concerns. It’s illegal to sleep with children, and acting against someone’s will is illegal as well. Marriage isn’t the tool to protect from things like this.

Marriage Licensure and Bureaucracy is an example of government’s un-relinquishing grasp on power.

Here is one of the most important things to understand:

Whatever power government is afforded, it will not relinquish on it’s own.

Government would never stop extorting people for money once they’ve started. Not only that, but government will never reduce it’s taxation and financial coercion on it’s own, it always fights to advance further power and revenues. Therefore, I conclude that the only reason why government has decided it needs to regulate and license marriage is because it lusts for power and is unable to relinquish any which it’s acquired.

Why would republicans, who once built their policies in an effort to afford greater liberty (not sure which era I’m beaconing here), be inclined to create additional rules around the already anti-liberty institution of marriage regulation and licensure?   The answer is that they lust for power just like the left.

The republican definition of marriage legislation was misguided, and because of republicans inability to remain liberty-focused, they’ve languished over the last 10 years or so.  Trump want’s to make america great again, but only LIBERTY can get us there; something Trump has never referenced.

The same problem that caused republicans to act antithetical to liberty in the marriage issue, is what’s landed us in this current election debacle where republicans have a nominee antithetical to it’s classically liberal roots.

Now we have Donald Trump as the republican nominee, which I believe is directly related to the republicans drift away from the principles of liberty, and towards a means-justified pursuit of winning. Sorry if you are a Trump lover, but I’m not.

Fox news republicans are all excited because Trump is an “outsider” who can cut through the nonsense of the narrative-driven, mainstream media-manipulated, election foolery. They are so sick about their losses to Barrack Obama, that they’ve had a Popeye moment and decided to provide the left an opponent who will play the same dirty games of demagoguery they’ve been orchestrating over the last 40 years.

The politicians of the left have been colluding with their cronies in education and media to win american votes by appealing to their desire for handouts, their jealousy, their envy, their uncommon-ness, and other Saul Alinsky tactics.

the left seems hell-bent on accomplishing some utopian vision of the future by any means other than personal liberty and the free markets

I’m not entirely sure, but the left seems hell-bent on accomplishing some utopian vision of the future by any means other than personal liberty and the free markets. For some reason, they’ve decided the same power that they fought in the 1960’s, is somehow the most effective tool to use to fulfill their vision for the future. The left loves government power.

For some reason, the left thinks they know best for everyone, and they love forcing those decisions through a burgeoning government bureaucracy.

Rather than developing great policy, sticking with a defined set of principles, purpose, and mission; republicans have decided to do whatever it takes to win. When confronted with this obvious degradation of their strategies and tactics, most republicans reply with “you want the left to own the supreme court?”, because they know they have no other defense of the situation we find ourselves in. We have a scummy, name-calling demagogue as the republican nominee, just like liberals always have.

Libertarians need to take-over the republican party so that we can realign it to true principles which value liberty and faithfully relinquish federal power to the states.

I’ve heard it said that democrats are the party consumed and drunk with government power and unable to relinquish it, while republicans and conservatives differ only in that they think the people in power shouldn’t exercise the power they are afforded. Libertarians are quite different, they think power corrupts so all government power should be reduced to it’s irreducible size, only big enough to execute the functions of the constitution. Looking at the role government plays, and the legislation put out, affirms these descriptions, which is why I align with the libertarian tilt.

I agree with the libertarian premise, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I hope that we can infiltrate the republican party and return the party to a liberty-focused, power divesting federal government. I hope that a libertarian-republican party would aggressively eliminate government bureaucracy, power, and payroll.

I agree with the libertarian premise, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

I also think that all people should be able to get married, and government should not get in the way of that! That’s the thing about liberty, it needs to be afforded so that folks can act liberally as well as conservatively. We need to be free to choose, within the parameters of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, due to us by our inalienable rights which are endowed by our creator. This means that government needs to be scaled back, WAY BACK.

Our politicians are not doing what’s right for the country because they are purchased by special interests of all sorts. What makes it difficult, is that these special interests represent each of us more than we’d care to admit. When you boil it down, every lobbyist is tied to special interests that have a vast network of well-meaning, self-interested benefactors; our friends, family, and ourselves. What I’m saying is that if we’re honest, we’re just as bad as the government is with it’s power. If we are given a benefit, wittingly or unwittingly, we really struggle to relinquish the benefit, no matter how irresponsible it is. I don’t know anyone who refuses a possible earned income tax credit, who will to pay more than their “fair share” in taxes, or who doesn’t keep their employment in industries protected through sweet-heart crony arrangements. Do as I say, not as I do; that’s one of the major problems in America.

Don’t believe me? Find the industry association that your employer belongs to, and trace their donations and lobbyist efforts at or Look at the list of those who paid for a Hillary Clinton’s speeches, it’s all crony money!

If liberty is going to be our pursuit, then it’s time we start seeing the real culprit for what it is. Power is the enemy of liberty, and it’s seductive and subtle ability to convert skeptics into dependents, has most Americans on the dole. We all need to go on a benefits diet, and we need politicians who will implement sound policy rather than practice failure-of-nerve.

Power is the enemy of liberty, and it’s seductive and subtle ability to convert skeptics into dependents, has most Americans on the dole.

The marriage issue illustrates how republicans are not being principled in their pursuit to “represent their constituents”. It’s time we start requiring a higher caliber of discourse and integrity from ourselves rather than stooping to the level of the Alinsky-left.


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