Hey Guys,

I’m going to start blogging a little bit more informal on this page.

I’ve got a nasty website habit – I forget to write on my own blogs!
Nothing’s more annoying than reading some un-aware person apologize for not blogging on their blog.

I’ve come to realize that life is fleeting.

Before I know it, my three girls will be grown up.

Natalie is 7 in August here, and we’re having our fourth child in October.

Today I realized that when the fourth child is Natalie’s age, Natalie will be getting her learners permit for driving…. 14 years old.

Not only does time fly, but we will all too soon meet our maker.

My childhood pastor died this past week.

My father’s good friend (and mine) is dying of Cancer.

and I’ve recently been noticing an increased frequency of deaths.

I think it’s because everyone dies, and the larger population of baby boomers are reaching the age when the actuary tables start to disfavor them.

Today was fun.

Sony A7 III Video Footage with 24-70 2.8

Here’s some example footage of very rough, run and gun footage that’s HANDHELD on my Sony A7III.
if you want to see Examples of handheld footage that shows what run and gun, flippant filming might look like (on aperture priority, no ND filter, wide open at 2.8…)

Natalie had soccer practice.  Her coach is a gal named Evan – which is the only woman I know named Evan.  Unusual name for her gender, but she’s a great coach

I fasted till 5pm again, which meant I was hungry.  We actually stopped at Mcdonalds twice.

You know, eating healthy at Mcdonalds is quite easy.  Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwiches are filling and full of protein.  I at two (and a bunch of nuggets).

GH5 vs. Sony A73 A7III Photos and Video Samples

Last week I sold my Panasonic GH5, and I’m really glad I did.

Photographs with the GH5 were dismal, and the autofocus was very dissapointing.  I traded up for the Sony A7 III which i actually bought at the local National Camera Exchange.

I’ll be doing a full review I think, but the main thing Ii’ve noticed is two fold:

1 – The Lenses are much bigger (especially the G-Series Pro Glass)

2 – The full frame low-light and bokeh effect is 10x better

Does a Panasonic GH5 have good bokeh?

The answer is no. I’ve watched video after video – but the deal is that the crop factor and small sensor translates into a more difficult situation to get the equivalent bokeh.

Here are a number of photos I took today on Aperture priority on the Sony A73, in Jpeg, without ANY post processing.


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