Another Reason to Believe in the God of the Bible

I have doubt.

Every single day I attack what it means to believe in the God of the Bible, to make Jesus the Lord of my Life, and I attack the reasons why I believe.

This is how I’m hard-wired, I’m a skeptic.

I have doubts, I question things deeply, but I keep coming to the same crux of the argument for the existence of the God of the Bible…. .

All of what we can measure and observe is magnificent and orderly.

All systems, with even basic levels of order, have only been observed to be CREATED, or orchestrated, by a mind.

Computer programs, music, signal.

Creation – A Digital Operating System

Creation is the equivalent of the most sophisticated computer program, by a million times over.

It is highly orchestrated, it is precisely executed, and it doesn’t have mistakes.

Existence is unfavored, unlikely, and delicately balanced.

Salinity, gravity, temperature, strong forces, etc. are all finely tuned.

Our existence holds on by a thread.

It’s been fine tuned by the Creator.

Those are facts, because…. Well, SCIENCE.

But just because something is fine tuned, doesn’t mean there’s a God.

It goes deeper than that, and you need to start to fathom information & the execution of our reality computationally.

To an extent, our universe is computational, and it’s running a “code” for reality.

Creation is the equivalent of both an instruction manual FOR, the creation of, and the fruit of, the most sophisticated computer program.

No computer programs have come outside of a highly orchestrated plan from a mind.

The mind is behind every single bit of highly orchestrated information.

Let that sink in.

There are no books, let alone books of operational code, that have come into existence outside of an intelligent mind. Sure, it might be argued that information has existed without a mind, but there is no reasonable approach about orchestrated and finely tuned information coming from anything but a mind.

Computer programs have given us insight into what it truly means to be the creator, author and sustainer of something, while observing it as the end user.

We are living in the operation of our creator’s universe, much like someone uses a windows computer machine – you’re not confronted with the MIcrosoft employees that have orchestrated this environment.

In fact, the users of windows don’t have any clue about what goes into the creation of, and operation, of the entire operating system. And they know even less about the Intel processors running the programs, which are merely rocks that have been formed to fire switches on and off by utilizing electricity.

We don’t fathom that – we simply have the user experience of opening windows, editing photos in Photoshop, and answering emails through outlook.

This analogy is not glib, it is quite relevant in my estimations.

Orchestrated, organized, and useful information, has never been observed to be orchestrated by anything other than a mind.

Claiming that creation is the result of anything besides the God of the bible, is the equivalence of claiming that the cosmos could write the Harry Potter book series.

It’s utter nonsense.

Atheism is not a reasonable conclusion when observing the evidence.

Science does not support the theory that computer programs write themselves and then run themselves.

And that’s the thing.

Our existence is more akin to a computer program than it is to anything else.

We are in a digital simulation of information – where DNA and physics are working in great orchestration to allow existence.

IT’s only in the last 75 years that we’ve been able to pierce into the digital nature of life and physics, but we now know that the building blocks are digital, and that life is the result of codes.

Codes have NEVER been observed to write themselves.

The universe creates disorder, chaos, and cacophony.

ANd yet, we are experiencing the music of creation.

One must fathom the existence of instruction codes inside DNA, and then fathom how instructions can be written , except by an outside mind, programmer, or author.

Atheism is not a reasonable conclusion when we observe nature and science.

The reasoned and rational response to seeing a program being run, is that it was authored by an organized mind – the logos.

So here we have the most intricate and absurdly precise orchestration of information and digital instructions in the genetic makeup of life and the physics of our solar system, and atheists somehow claim it could be brought about without an author?

Intelligent Design makes the MOST sense.

But what evidence do we have for God?

Seeing the computer program running, being the results of the computer program, ought to be sufficient.

In other words, we are using the creation app, we MUST then know there was a development team behind it.

The user experience is sufficient evidence of a programmer.

IN fact, God has told us through His word, delivered through Paul in Romans chapter 1, that this sufficiency means that we all know God exists and it’s why justice, even to those who have not heard the gospel, will befall humanity.

We see creation and we can know there is a creator. If we fall in repentance to that creator and SEEK him, we will find him.

Not only is participating in the user experience of creation’s programming evidence that there is a programmer, but the programmer has come down and revealed himself to us.

We are a self aware program – and He interacted with us.

Those revelations, as miraculous as they are, have been recorded in writing.

We have the accounts, and the programmer made darn sure that his message would be left as a hopeful streak throughout antiquity.

Against all odds, the message from the programmer provides users the fruit of his pure instructions. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.

We have the testimony of those interactions, which are the revelation of the God of the Bible.

If there was a computer program that created self-aware computer simulations, would it not also create hope, love, and provide a route to such an existence?

You see, the programmer is perfect and holy, none are like him. Which is why he was able to create the singularity.

The one thing that brought about existence.

He is Holy, completely set apart.

He tells us he will create a new heaven and a new earth some day, and who knows what comes after that.

It would stand to reason that there is but one of these beings, and that He would have revealed himself to creation.

Not only would we find evidence of him, but his word would be around to show us.

All his ways would be perfect.

His justice, love, mercy and other attributes that exist, would be totally perfect, but corrupted by misapplication and broken code.

If I found a Harry Potter book on a distant planet, I would correctly assume it had an author.
If I found a painting on an uninhabited island, I would correctly assume it had a painter.
If I found a building on a planet, I would know there was a builder.

And when I see the creation, I know there is a creator.

Doubt your faith.

Doubt your faith in atheism, agnosticism, or your faith of nothingness.

But attack your faith with science, the biblical account, and everything else you can get your hands on.

You will be pointed to the God of the bible eventually.

He promised that if you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him.

My logic and reason brings me to the conclusion that there is a programmer.

Because I’m participating in the user experience of creation, it stands to reason that there was a programmer for this. Not only does it stand to reason, but there happens to be a perfected message of revelation, sprinkled into the program so that us, self-aware beings, could find the programmer and trust that there is life outside of this exact dimension.


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