Role play for a moment, what seeing Jesus must have been like

I’m completely unable to fathom another time period. 

 My favorite movies are those that try to recreate time periods that are completely otherly to my modern mind, so I can fathom just a little bit of how different our times are.

I had a vision the other day, of what it must have been like to walk for days or weeks, seeking out a man that was so special, that rumor had traveled the first century landscape to actually reach my ears. No electricity, no industrial revolution, no phone, not even a Church had been started yet, just Rome, Judaism, and paganism.

Imagine you head to find this man because you have faith that something good might happen if you find Him and let Him teach you and lay hands on you. 

That’s it – you’ve got some little hope that the rumors are true – and with that little bit of faith, you seek a man that might be a prophet from God – but you can’t be sure.

Imagine how for 400 years, the prophets of your God have been “silent,” and your nation has been invaded by Rome – the most dominant force the planet had ever experienced.  But now there’s a man calling others to repentance, causing a massive movement out in the desert, and now that guy has told about Jesus – and said He’s the messiah that had been promised in the oldest writings in the Torah.

As you walk through the total and utter darkness, using the primal and primitive technology of the year 30 AD, you reach the town which rumors report is close to Jesus and His band of disciples.

You sleep at an inn, under the stars, or at a home, to awake the next day to seek Him.

You’re not sure what’s going to happen, but you’ve heard He’s a prophet sent from God – so you just have to see Him.

You leave out that morning to find Jesus – so you ask around and pay attention to the crowds. They’re all searching for Him too, because rumor has it that if you ask Him, He’ll heal you, feed you, and totally change your life.  Not only will He do a miracle for you – but He teaches like no other.

As you approach the area, it gets late. There’s a crowd of people walking with you, as if headed to a sports game together.  You and the others start talking about the rumors you’ve all heard, when someone speaks up excitedely and confidently assures you that it’s all true, because she’s been coming to Jesus for weeks.

Your caravan comes to the edge of a large body of water, and everyone is pushing in towards Jesus and the group of disciples.

I can’t fathom what it must have been like.  

The scene is utterly overwhelming, because magic is on display before you, leaving people freaking out in utter rejoicing.

Men and women alike are dancing, weeping, on their knees worshipping in some crazy intense ways…… you walk past them in the crowd, ignoring the deep sobs and weeping pouring out of the people next to you – it all sounds and looks very intense, powerful, and it causes your pulse to quicken.

Seriously think of what that was like.  

Blind are seeing, lame are walking, diseased are cured and the dying are made whole again. 

I can’t imagine the fervor and rejoicing that must have been going on when the miracles were being performed.  

But the fervor ceases instantly when Jesus speaks.  The whole group stands silent, at attention, leaning in to hear.  It’s a huge group, so in order for all to hear, nobody makes even a slight sound.

I can’t imagine how entrancing the words of God must have been to those who listened and accepted.  

Obviously there were throngs of skeptics, scoffers, and people who weren’t going to let this kind of thing outshine their own glory. 

You move closer…. sitting down to hear Him teach.

The entire group is spellbound – then when He finishes, He looks right at you.

His gaze cuts right to your deepest being – and instantly connects with you personally. His bold humility is enchanting – and then He comes to you, and heals you.

Seriously folks – really think about that.

Now He asks you if you believe, and whether you’ll turn from your sins and turn to God.  He tells you what the kingdom of Heaven is like – principles that show the perfect goodness of a Holy God.

Then He looks at you, and touches you. You might have been blind, and now you see. Lame, but now you walk. Stricken, but now set free. Diseased, but cured. Dying, but brought to life.

Imagine that the terror of immimennt death, disease, illness and even children’s deaths, are wiped away in a moment.

I mean, really really think of that.

He is God. He came to earth folks, we butchered Him, He arose, and He is coming back to judge all creation.  Don’t be found guilty for the sin that condemns us all from birth. Jesus came and atoned for our penalty, and if we place our trust in Him, we receive atonement.

I’ve studied this from a scientific, sociological, theological, historical, and philosophical perspective. I’m telling you, God is surely real, and He’s revealed Himself to humans in the past.  Those revelations were recorded, and you really need to read the testimony of those who encountered God in antiquity.

Science affirms God, history affirms the biblical account, and the depths of humanity are revealed in the pages of the old and New Testament.

Faith is the confidence that God was who He claimed to be, and that He rewards those who draw close to Him.  

Turn to Jesus, He is real.

All you have to do is turn to Him in faith, and turn your life over to His way.

Ask God to reveal Himself to you, in certain you’ll encounter Hom.


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