Watch Atheist and Christian PHD’s lock horns about whether science has buried God: Richard Dawkins vs. John Lennox

This is my favorite debate between a capable atheist and Christian PHD.


Richard Dawkins vs. John Lennox Debate

“How can I know something to be true?”

My Dad sat me down when I was just a little boy and started coaching me about the importance of scrutinizing information that’s being taught or presented to me.  My Dad is a shrewd man, who can ingeniously uncover the underlying assumptions, consequences, principles and implications of a certain narrative or hypothesis.

This debate is one of my favorite battles of intellectual minds debating Christianity and Atheism.

The debate was entitled “Has Science Buried God,” and lasts about 80 minutes.

I know it can be dry sitting and listening to a scientific or academic exchange, but I urge you to please sit down and watch this so you can see a couple of things.

The main reason why I love this debate so much, is that it clearly shows where the whole debate sits; with a burden of proof conundrum, presuppositional conundrum, and a stalemate.

Ultimately the scientific debate boils down to this:

Once there was nothing, then there was something.  

This transition from nothing to something, is often referred to in scientific communities as the cosmological “singularity.”  In short, it is logically concluded that there was one event that changed everything; Christians claim that it’s the creation by an intelligent mind which we call God, and atheists claim that their proof for their hypothesis just hasn’t come in yet.  That’s what Richard Dawkins means when He says “Cosmology hasn’t had it’s Darwin yet.”

When Dawkins says “Cosmology hasn’t had it’s Darwin yet,” He’s saying “Though unproven, we’re holding on to the presupposition that there is no designing intelligence behind the universe.”

Basically, the debate is at a stalemate in my opinion; atheists claim Dawkins won and everyone else claims Lennox won.

Please watch this video so you can witness two behemoth minds duel it out – it’s worth finishing.


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